Don't forget the #FestEssentials


Official Velorama Packing List

At the posting of this blog, we're 14 days from the 2018 Velorama Festival and looking forward to an epic weekend with food trucks, local brews, and killer music! We want to make sure you have everything you need for a stress-free experience. For avid festival goers and first-time attendees, it’s smart to come prepared for anything thrown your way. Colorado’s chancy weather can be tricky for packing—we’ve got you covered with this year’s Official Velorama Packing List! Here are the top 10 items you won’t want to forget on your way to RiNo Art District for a weekend of fun:

1.     Velorama App: Before you begin packing, download the Velorama App where you’ll find everything you need including schedules, event locations, food and drink vendors, and more!

2.     Velorama festival tickets: Most importantly, be sure to grab your tickets or confirm you have electronic access before heading to the festival… nothing worse than arriving to an event empty handed. **Tip: With Eventbrite you’ll never be without your ticket—take a screenshot of your barcode before arriving at the fest to avoid getting stuck in line waiting for your ticket to download!

3.     Credit card/cash: Looking to purchase Velorama merchandise or your favorite band’s t-shirt? Maybe a local brew from one of the DRiNk RiNo breweries or a tasty treat from one of the food trucks? Don’t forget to bring your credit card to get the full concert experience and some back-up cash to have on hand. **Tip: Although water bottles are not allowed into the festival, you can use the Velorama App to access water stations and locations where beverages can be purchased.

4.     Festival map: With over a mile of space to enjoy music, food, drinks, and other bike events, having a festival map and information on different attractions will help you navigate the festival with ease. **Tip: If you’ve downloaded the Velorama App, you will be able to find all of your favorite attractions and directions to the festival at the click of a button!

5.     Comfortable shoes: There will be lots of standing, walking around, and dancing; choose your most comfortable pair of walking shoes to ensure you can dance until the end of the night!

6.     Jacket/sweater: Colorado nights can bring unpredictable weather,  bring a sweater or rain jacket to throw on as the temperature drops or mother nature steps in.

7.     Fanny pack or small backpack: Bring a bag that you can carry close to your body to protect any prized possessions while you’re dancing the night away. Fanny packs and small backpacks are the perfect way to safely carry all of your belongings through Velorama!

8.     Sun protection: Don’t let the heat bring you down! Pack sunglasses, hats, and apply lots of sunscreen and lip balm to protect against the sun. Rain gear may also be an essential with the unpredictable Colorado weather—come prepared for any condition!

9.     Phone & portable phone charger: Don’t forget your mobile device for killer concert photos & to communicate with your crew throughout the festival. **Tip: It’s also smart to bring a portable charger so that you never find yourself powerless!

10.  Ear plugs: Live music can be loud. Pack a set of earplugs just in case you want a break from the noise and ensure you can enjoy live music for years to come!