Race the Train at Velorama Festival


Race the train is the pinnacle of bikes and music meeting RiNo culture! It is a chance for both the Denver cycling community and Velorama festival goers to test their speed on a bike against the A-Line commuter train adjacent to the festival. Teams and groups can pre-register for waves and interested festival attendees have the option sign up on-site.

What: A short sprint against the A-Line train running next to the Velorama Festival

Course: an acceleration zone followed by a short full speed race zone against the a-line.

Who: Pre-registered teams or groups of up to 10, these groups may bring their own bicycle. First come, first served groups of up to 6 during the festival using demo bicycles.

When: Waves every 15 minutes during the following time blocks- Friday 8/17 4:30-7:30pm, Saturday 8/18 3:30-7:30,  and Sunday 8/19 5:00-7:30. Approximately 40 waves total.

Cost:  $10 per person preregistration, $15 per person day of event.

Equipment: Demo Bicycles and helmets provided at the event

Prizes: Photos of you and the train! Stories for days!


  • Riders will be rough fit for bicycles with flat pedals once they have registered and entered staging.

  • Riders will be released from staging to the acceleration zone when train leaves 38th/Blake station

  • Riders who enter the “race” zone prior to the train are disqualified.

  • After ALL riders finish the wave, riders return to staging.

RPM Events Group