The refund request period is now closed.

We are working with our ticketing agency to process these requests as fast as possible.  An initial batch of requests was processed on Thursday Augusst 23, and a final batch should be processed by Tuesday August 28.

You will receive an email when your request has been processed or if your request did not qualify for a refund with the reason why.

When processed, it will then take 7-10 business days for the refund to appear on your bank or credit card statement where the tickets were purchased.  


I received an email that says my refund request did not qualify.  Why?

Certain refund requests did not qualify for one of several reasons.

  •  It was not a Friday ticket - only Friday single-day tickets qualified. If you submitted a 3-Day Pass for a refund, this did not qualify. 
  • The ticket was checked in on Saturday.  Refunds were only issued for those who did not use their Friday ticket on Saturday, when Modest Mouse rescheduled.
  • The request order was entered wrong or does not exist.
  • You purchased your ticket from a third-party (Groupon, Goldstar or an individual).

My request did not qualify, and I think there was an error in how my request was processed.  What can I do?

If you received an email that your request did not qualify, and you think there was an error, please reply to that email with as much information or documentation as you can  (i.e., order #, name, email of purchaser, screenshot of ticket).  Someone from customer service will get back to you!  Due to the unprecedented nature of this, please give us a few days to respond.

The credit card I used to buy the tickets is closed because it was stolen.  What happens to my refund?

Eventbrite legally must refund to the original card used for purchase. If it is just the card that was cancelled/replaced, then the funds should be routed to the new card without any issues, as it is the same underlying account. However, if the corresponding account associated with the card has been closed entirely, there’s a good chance the refund can bounce back to Eventbrite. If you haven’t seen the refund within 7 business days after being notified of it being processed, please contact your card issuing bank and work with them on a solution.  IF that doesn't work, please contact us and we can open a case to try and resolve it.

    I purchased my ticket through Groupon, Goldstar or another third party.  How do I get my refund?

    Please contact the appropriate customer service department at the third party for a refund.