DONATE: Dublin - to Denver

As an ‘average Joe,’ Joe Seward didn’t expect to get hit by a truck riding his bike in Dublin on July 2. That one moment changed the trajectory of his life – now the drummer for the Glass Animals will fight to speak again, drum again, walk again, or bike again. 

People like Joe face the same uncertainties and road conditions on city streets from Dublin to Denver every day.  But out of every tragedy sometimes comes opportunity.

Today RPM Events Group and the Glass Animals are introducing a way to honor Joe during his fight for recovery – by donating to the bicycle organizations in Dublin and Denver that fight the fight for the safety of people who bike every day.

To kick-off this initiative, RPM has already seeded a new “Average Joe” Safety Fund – that will support the Dublin and Denver safety efforts of the Dublin Cycling Campaign and Bicycle Colorado’s Denver Initiative. Both groups work to make roads safer to bike on – with lower road speeds, new bike lanes, and better educated drivers and bicyclists.

The campaign was announced at Velorama this August 17 -- on the night the Glass Animals were to play at the festival -- and donations throughout the year will support the safety-related work of the Dublin Cycling Campaign and the Bicycle Colorado Denver Initiative.


Dublin Cycling Campaign:  Dublin Cycling Campaign works with the national group on public education and safety efforts in Dublin.

Bicycle Colorado hosts a Denver initiative to improve bicycling conditions in Denver, including more protected bike lanes, and better law and policy for people who bike.