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Race the Train

Race the train is the pinnacle of bikes and music meeting RiNo culture. It is a chance for both the Denver cycling community and Velorama festival goers to test their speed on a bike against the A-Line commuter train adjacent to the festival. Teams and groups can pre-register for waves and interested festival attendees have the option sign up on site.


A short sprint against the A-Line train running next to the Velorama Festival


An acceleration zone followed by a short full speed race zone against the a-line


Pre-registered teams or groups of up to 10, these groups may bring their own bicycle. First come, first served groups of up to 6 during the festival using demo bicycles


Waves every 15 minutes during the following time blocks- Friday 8/17 4:30-7:30pm, Saturday 8/18 3:30-7:30,  and Sunday 8/19 5:00-7:30. Approximately 40 waves total.


$10 per person.


Demo Bicycles and helmets provided at the event


Riders will be rough fit for bicycles with flat pedals once they have registered and entered staging.
Riders will be released from staging to the acceleration zone when train leaves 38th/Blake station.
Riders who enter the “race” zone prior to the train are disqualified.
After ALL riders finish the wave, riders return to staging.