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beer relay

This fun event let’s Velorama festival goers combine 3 great things: bikes, friends and beer. Sign up with your mates as a team or let fate decide and meet new friends for the relay. This event will predominantly be first come, first served during the event although pre-registration times will be available.


A relay where teams of 4 compete to be the first to complete the course.


5 stations on the Velorama Criterium Course


Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons


Riders start on whistle
At first station, inbound rider MUST dismount, hand bike to next team member (outbound rider).
Outbound Team member cannot leave until Inbound rider has fully consumed their beer.
After completion outbound rider progresses to next station
At no time will a rider who has consumed a station supplied beer be allowed on a bicycle.


$15 per person.


B-Cycles, Helmets and highly fashionable color coded vests provided